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Designed to protect lives and tunnels

The patented TUNPROTEC® system includes a double-knock detection system for fast detection of fires with minimal risk of false activations, a low pressure watermist system for controlling and suppressing the fire and a project-tailored control system for ensuring that the system is operational 24/7 and can be easily integrated into tunnel control systems, e.g. SCADA. Resulting in a fully automatic system designed to minimize installation and running costs, while ensuring fast and reliable protection of people and tunnel structures from fires.

Full fire protection at low cost

By utilizing readily available, standard components in combination with expertly designed essential components, the TUNPROTEC® system allows for an easy to install fire protection system at competitive low prices and system requirements without lowering the systems fire protective capabilities.


Environmentally friendly resource consumption

Operating at low water pressures and with low power consumption, the TUNPROTEC® system ensures low running costs, lower spatial needs and installation requirements. The design and low pressures of the system typically allows for 80% - 90% less water and 85%-99% less power needed for the system compared to other available solutions.


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Fire safety is important to us, and we wish to share our knowledge and expertise to emphasize the importance and benefits of tunnel fire protection.

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Protecting the world one project at the time

With installations across the world, our portfolio is steadily growing. To review some of our current installations, please visit our case references.


Nordhavnsvejens Tunnel

Nordhavnsvejens Tunnel - Copenhagen, Denmark

Dakouzi Tunnel

Dakouzi Tunnel

Dakouzi Tunnel - Yu Kun Expressway, Yunnan, China

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