Qiujiayakou Tunnel

Qiujiayakou Tunnel - Yu Kun Expressway, Yunnan, China

When the G85 Yu Kun Expressway going through Chongqing in the Kunming Province required two tunnels through a massive mountain rock (Qiujiayakou Tunnel and Dakouzi Tunnel), the TUNPROTEC┬« system was the go-to solution.

The TUNPROTEC┬« system allowed for fast installation within the tunnel and the small dimensions of the system components ensured an unobtrusive means of protecting the tunnel from fires.

The G85 Yu Kun Expressway is part of the 5th longitudinal high standard road of the China expressway network. Yu Kun Expressway strethes 543 km in the Kunming and Yunnan Province.

  • Tunnel Type: Roadtunnel through rock
  • Tunnel Length: 3185 m
  • Tunnel Width: 11 m
  • Tunnel Height: 6.8 m
  • Installation Year: 2015

The Chinese authorities, consultants and the contractor completed together with VID Fire-Kill full scale fire tests in China to optimize the solution:

  • The size and extent of the gallery/emergency escape tunnel was notably reduced due to the installation of the watermist system and the ability of the TUNPROTEC┬« system to control fires
  • Fire tests showed that back layer could be controlled with a smaller scale forced ventilation system
  • ROI (Return of Investments) calculations showed neutral or even savings, but most importantly it created improved opportunities to save lives and protection of assets without significant additional costs
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