Tuas Pioneer Tunnel

Tuas Pioneer Tunnel - Singapore

The cable tunnel between Tuas Terminal Building and Pioneer Terminal Building is an essentially straight undersea cable tunnel with no further deviations throughout the 2.1 km tunnel with 2 bores except the inclusion of three vertical tunnel shafts. Each tunnel bore has 4 sets of cables which are fire-rated, oil-filled, sand packed and below the walkway. Most of the tunnel is 2.3 m in height with the cables in 0.7 m depth of sand packed area. Each tunnel bore is approximately 5 m wide.

  • Tunnel Type: Cable tunnel
  • Tunnel Length: 2100 m
  • Tunnel Height: 2.3 m
  • Installation Year: 2017

New Low Pressure Watermist System and Linear Heat Detection System were installed in existing cable tunnel and vertical shafts.

The customer, SPPG Singapore, chose TUNPROTEC® because of its cost effectiveness in actual system cost, assembly and maintenance, and, not least, the technical properties proven by an actual live fire test.

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