TUNPROTEC® Zone Valve Station

Fast and reliable Control Valves for activation of TUNPROTEC® system

The TUNPROTEC® Zone Valve Station has been designed to reliably facilitate the distribution of water to the TUNPROTEC® Water Mist System.

The Zone Valve Station contains the automatic, pilot-controlled deluge Model C-NHV Zone Valve; the self-monitoring, high capacity, in-line Model F Filter; pressure switches monitoring system functions and for diagnostics; motorized valves for automatic system activation and entering maintenance states; and the VFK LZP-TPT Control Panel for controlling the individual components of the Zone Valve Station.

Each TUNPROTEC® Zone Valve Station has been designed to be individually operated and fully automatic, while capable of activating adjacent fire-zones to prevent fire spread.

Optional with the TUNPROTEC® Zone Valve Station is the inclusion of protective Model S-NHV Cabinet for installation in niches or in the open.

  • Fully contained control unit
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Fully monitored
  • Hydraulic self-testing capabilities
  • Electrical self-testing capabilities
  • Only four necessary hydraulic connections
  • Includes alarm, alert and fault responses
  • CAN bus connectivity
  • Optional Model S-NHV Cabinet
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