Single-/Double-Knock Detection System

TUNPROTEC® Detection System

The TUNPROTEC® Detection System has been designed to reliably assess fire risks through its double-knock flame- and heat detectors within each fire-zone of the tunnel.

Through double-knock flame detectors and linear heat detectors monitoring for flames, the ambient temperature and its rate of rise (ROR), the Detection System is capable of drastically minimizing the risk of false alarms.

The TUNPROTEC® Detection System consists of grouped VFK Deflametec-TPT flame detectors monitoring the fire-zone. 

  • Fast and reliable detection
  • Includes alarm, alert and fault responses
  • Wide coverage
  • Addressable and easily monitored
  • Continuous fail-checks
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Very low requirements to maintenance
  • Robust design
  • Small, unobtrusive dimensions

TUNPROTEC® Detection System and flame detectors CE-marked and tested in accordance with EN5110:2002 for flame detectors and with ATEX for Ex-zones.

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