Hydrant Station

TUNPROTEC® Hydrant Station

The low pressures of the TUNPROTEC® System allows for the integration of Hydrant Stations without the need for exclusive supply pipes and pumps.

The TUNPROTEC® Hydrant Stations have been specifically designed to allow firefighting personnel to draw water from the fixed firefighting systems water supply without damaging equipment and without drastically lowering system pressures or flow.

The TUNPROTEC® Hydrant Stations include a robust and reliable pressure-reduction valve, two supply leads to firehoses and a station shut-off valve.

  • Can be installed in combination with TUNPROTEC® Valve Station
  • Automatic reduces system pressures to required firehose-approved pressures
  • Low pressure classes allows for plastic supply pipes
  • Model S-NHV Cabinet for protection of Hydrant Station optional
  • TUNPROTEC® Hydrant Station is optional
  • Can be supplied with optional Model S-NHV Cabin

TUNPROTEC® Hydrant Station is fulfilling the criterias as per NFPA 502

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