Interface Panel

TUNPROTEC® Interface Panel

The TUNPROTEC® Interface Panel has been designed to be the link between the entire TUNPROTEC® system and peripheral alarm panels and personnel. Through the Interface Panel personnel will be capable of monitoring the Valve Station and Detection System, enter maintenance states for either the entire TUNPROTEC® System or individual fire-zones and testing each Valve Station, Linear Heat Detector and Flame Detector.

The Interface panel can be connected to most alarm systems, including SCADA systems.

  • Easily accessible Interface describing the current state of all fire-zones
  • Activate, deactivate and reset specific fire-zones directly from Interface Panel
  • Quick diagnostics of Valve Station and Detection System
  • Enter Maintenance State and test system components directly from Interface Panel
  • Multiple alarm features for fire-alarms, system faults and component faults
  • All system information exportable to peripheral control systems, e.g. SCADA systems

TUNPROTEC® Interface Panel is fully tested in accordance with EN54 and CE-marked.

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