Pump System


The TUNPROTEC® Pump Systems are a series of easy and ready to install pumps, with optional accessories, for supplying any TUNPROTEC® System with the necessary water pressure and flow to ensure correct control and suppression of fires in tunnels.

The TUNPROTEC® Pump System includes many different electrical and diesel-fueled pumps and skid variations including with and without jockey-pumps and 100% redundancy.

  • Pump System constellation designed specifically for your application needs
  • Electrical or diesel-fuelled
  • Low system requirements, ensure low costs and allowance of 100% redundancy
  • Jockey-pump optional
  • Designed specifically for TUNPROTEC® Watermist Systems
  • Low spatial requirements

TUNPROTEC® Pump Systems can be supplied in accordance with NFPA 502, FM and UL requirement.

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