Model C-EL Valve


The VID Fire-Kill Model C-EL Control/Deluge Valves are a series of robust and reliable deluge, angle positioned, pilot controlled valves created in 100 stainless steel (316L) and designed for operating as a zone valve or a full flooding valve, capable of functioning under very harsh and highly corrosive conditions. The C-EL Valves can be operated manually or electrically through AC or DC signals, and can easily be reset after operation. The C-El valves are designed to be disassembled for easy maintenance and refurbishment - even without removing the valve housing from the rest of the system.

  • Robust design as made in pure stainless steel 316L design for very harsh environments
  • Compact design with most trim built internally
  • Trim part is delivered on the valves and tested from factory
  • Lifetime to dangerous failure of more than 150 years
  • Simple maintenance requirements and fast disassembly of the valves if needed

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