With reference to the NFPA 750 definition, watermist is a spray for which 99% of the total volume of liquid (Dv0.99) is distributed in droplets with a diameter smaller than 1000 microns = 1 mm at the minimum design operating pressure out of the watermist nozzle.

Low Pressure Watermist

Combining the best from two technologies

Facts about Low Pressure Watermist:

  • Low pressure watermist systems can be designed, installed and maintained with the same skillset as conventional sprinkler systems
  • Low pressure watermist systems use the same pressure class components as conventional sprinkler systems (EN < 16bar, NFPA < 12bar)
  • Low pressure watermist systems are more robust and reliable than high pressure watermist systems as the waterways and nozzle orifices are larger

A green technology:

  • Low pressure watermist systems require less power kW/h than conventional sprinkler systems and high pressure watermist systems
  • Low pressure watermist has a significantly lower water consumption than conventional sprinkler systems
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